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The Family Support Organization of Middlesex County is a system partner within The New Jersey Children's System of Care (CSOC), a system of care that focuses on family strengths and the utilization of community resources.

Educational Support

FSOMC provides support to and empowers families in school settings when navigating the 504 and IEP process. We are also here to provide truancy and mediation support. 

Family Support

We are here to provide face-to-face support, education, and advocacy while parents and caregivers develop strategies while they navigate various challenges. We assess the family’s needs, develop a sustainable plan with caregivers,  and provide family-centered, strength-based, culturally competent, individual/community-based accessible services.  by developing a sustainable plan with caregivers. We are present during critical situations such as hospitalization or entering out-of-home placement. We provide relevant and meaningful information and resources to assist caregivers.

Parent Support Group

Our support groups bring families who face similar challenges together for positive support, education, advocacy, and networking. We also offer education and training in critical coping and problem-solving skills.

Youth Partnership

We provide a comfortable and judgment-free safe space where youth with various challenges can feel the acceptance they deserve. Youth receive peer-to-peer support and are encouraged to discuss real-time topics, with the guidance of a youth coach.


Our agency's "hotline" is available Monday- Friday from 9 am to 5 pm
for information and referrals to community resources. Our support partners are available to answer questions or sometimes just lend an ear. 

Our Goals

Ensure that families can access the care they need for their children within their communities.  
Offer family-friendly assistance and responses to the needs of the family. 
Keep families together by providing necessary resources to parents and caregivers. 
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